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Architectural salvage includes both deconstruction and skimming. Deconstruction is the dissassembly of buildings to their foundation to preserve up to 85% of the materials that otherwise would be sent to a landfill. Skimming is a less intensive method where easy-to-remove materials are salvaged. Owners receive a tax deduction for the value of materials that are salvaged. This is how the architectural salvage process works.

1. We will visit your site and let you know what materials can be salvaged and let you know what (if any) costs it will require to remove materials.

2. Our experienced crew will come in and remove items including: wood flooring, furnaces, air conditioning units, copper pipes, aluminum siding, windows, doors, hot water heaters, trim and floor boards, electrical fixtures, appliances, bathroom tubs, toilets, sinks and vanities, garage doors and in some cases fences and outdoor lighting and sculpture. Both historic and contemporary items are welcome.

3. We will present you with an inventory of each item removed so you may have an independent appraisal of these materials. The appraiser, who is often builder of a new house, signs the list we have provided and agrees that the materials list is correct and can be used as a donation to a 501 (c)(3) charity. In the case of historic materials, we recommend having an architect sign off, because these materials as artifacts have a much greater value. You may also recommend an alternate value for an item if you think our estimate is incorrect.

4. We provide with you a letter thanking you for your donation, our tax ID number (for reporting purposes), and more information about our organization.

To Arrange for a Site Visit

We are licensed and insured in Michigan and can provide a free estimate on residential and small commercial properties. We can also provide an estimate for larger properties, but this may require a small fee.

For more information, please contact us at 313-896-8333.

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