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Welcome to the Warehouse!

We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded to keep building materials out of landfills through architectural salvage. Our mission is three-fold, promoting: environmental sustainability, job creation and training, and preservation and conservation. Salvaged items are available to view at our warehouse, but also here in our online store.

We are open Tuesday-Sunday, 11-5!

NEEDED: Materials for our warehouse!

We rely on donations from you! Donating materials to ASWD will give you a good feeling, knowing that you're recycling and saving items from going to our landfills! It will also give you a tax deduction!

Think about us when you're doing your spring cleaning. If you have building materials, lighting, architectural elements, or other items that you'd like to recycle, let us know.

If you know of a home or commecial building that is being demolished, let us know! We may be able to skim useful materials from the structure and save them from going to waste.

NEEDED: Truck or van for hauling materials!

ASWD is in need of a vehicle for hauling materials to and from the warehouse. Keep us in mind if you would like to donate a useful vehicle and receive a tax deduction.


What Can You Do?

1. Make a donation using...

2. Donate materials

3. Purchase materials
Over 100 items to view online and many more at the warehouse.

4. Get directions and visit us!
Open Tues.-Sun., 11a-5p
4885 15th Street, Detroit, MI